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Meet our Volunteer: Nancy

Hi, my name is Nancy and I have been volunteering with Distress Centre Calgary for approximately a year and a half. I first got involved when I applied to the pilot L.I.V.E. program hoping to pad my CV with volunteer work.

I love that every call is different and I never know what/who I will encounter each time I pick up the phone. I love talking to regular callers and I like the challenge of all the different types of calls. I also love the other volunteers, staff and the environment of the call centre. I have had many laughs and always feel supported & valued as part of the team.

One of my biggest challenges is being able to 'let go' after a call unknowing of what the outcome will be for high risk situations. I care about every caller, even the most demanding and challenging personalities, as they keep me on my toes!

My biggest surprise about volunteering is how much I get from the callers and the experience I have gained. What started out as purely selfish reasons for volunteering has turned around and enriched me in ways I never would have dreamed. I will be around for a long time and can't do enough to give back!

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