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Meet our Volunteer: Steve

A good friend and classmate of mine recommended the Distress Centre to me in 2004 in my search for a volunteer opportunity that would complement my studies. It wasn’t long after my volunteer training that I began looking forward to my weekly trips into the phone room to greet my fellow volunteers, while waiting in anticipation for some of my first distress calls. It seemed like no time at all before a year had passed and I was asked to graduate to a ‘leadership volunteer’ position to help train and support new volunteers as they prepared to take to the lines on their own.  

Over my years as a volunteer, the DC underwent multiple ‘facelifts’ and continued to grow and develop. It was during that time that I decided I would pursue a career in medicine and apply to medical school. After graduating from university, I applied for and was offered a position as a Contact Centre Coordinator. This was an excellent opportunity to work in the environment that I was comfortable in and loved and to support and supervise the DC volunteers as they provided care and referrals to members of the community in need. 

Throughout my years at the DC, my fellow volunteers and colleagues and the DC staff in general were extremely supportive in my career goals and helped me feel confident that I was on the right path for me. The phone room experiences I shared with both my fellow volunteers and callers were rewarding, challenging and shaped me into a more accepting, empathetic and compassionate person and a better listener and communicator in general -- all competences I accredit to my time with the DC, and that now as a junior doctor, help me each day to connect with my patients. 

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