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Calgary Herald Christmas Fund – December 2019

In 1991, Calgary Herald employees began the Christmas Fund because of the grave issues they saw within our community. The purpose of the Christmas Fund is to raise awareness around critical social issues including hunger, homelessness, addiction, abuse and violence.

The goal of the campaign is to raise the profile of some of Calgary’s social agencies and provide an opportunity for Calgarians to support these needs through donations. To date, over $25 million has been raised thanks to the wonderful generosity of Calgarians.

The Calgary Herald absorbs all of the administration costs associated with the Christmas Fund and one hundred percent of all funds donated go to the recipient agencies.

The Calgary Herald Christmas Fund runs from the last Friday in November throughout the month of December with front-page awareness stories on each of the recipient agencies and their clients, as well as a robust online profile feature.

To be considered as a recipient, an agency has to apply. If short-listed, a meeting and tour of Distress Centre takes place, and a final selection process goes before the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund Committee. Distress Centre Calgary has been the recipient in 2014, 2016 and 2018 with one hundred percent of the funds going towards our 24/7 crisis services.

We are so grateful for the Calgary Herald and their support of Distress Centre and our partner agencies.  Times are tough in our community and every little bit helps Calgary’s most vulnerable.

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