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ZGM Modern Marketing Partners  – December 2020

img text: ZGM Modern Marketing Partners

ZGM Modern Marketing Partners has been Distress Centre Calgary’s marketing partner since 2010. Their creative team of experts developed our new brand for our 40th Anniversary (2010) and our 50th Anniversary logo and video in 2020.

At the end of every year we sit down with ZGM staff and start talking about our Annual Report and our online Report to the Community. We talk theme. We look at what kind of a year it’s been in the community and the issues our volunteers and staff have supported. We talk objectives. They listen. They take the information and use the right balance of technology, humanity, strategies and research to come up with a really unique report that tells our story. Every year they do not disappoint. We are proud of everything they have produced for us over the years.

As a modern marketing partner they do whatever it takes to give back to the agency, donate their time and expertise, and embrace their partners to join in on the project or the campaign. ZGM really connects with Distress Centre and the critical service we provide to our community.

“ZGM is proud to call Distress Centre a long-standing client and our charitable client partner in Calgary. We were first introduced to the organization over a decade ago. Since that time we have seen the organization continue to evolve and innovate as they provide help and support for Calgarians in crisis. We cherish the work we do for Distress Centre. We support the vital work that Distress Centre is doing in Calgary and the crucial role they play on the front lines of our social services ecosystem. We look forward to many more years telling Distress Centre’s stories to Calgarians to build awareness, increase donations and grow support.” – Rob Fairhead, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

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