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W. Brett Wilson – June 2019

William Brett Wilson, a Canadian investment banker, businessman and investor has claimed that he sees corporate social responsibility not as an obligation, but as an opportunity. He believes that strategic philanthropy can create major social and economic benefits, so he has shaved his head to support Kids’ Cancer Care, and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to support Alzheimer’s research. He has for many years made annual trips with Youth with a Mission to Mexico to build homes for the poor.

He has travelled to Afghanistan to visit front-line Canadian troops and over the years has hosted a number of events to support military members and their families.

Then there are the parties. Every year Wilson hosts 1,000 people at his annual garden party, raising millions of dollars for adolescent mental health.  Each year he chooses to support 10 local charities from the money raised at his party.  It is a unique concept in that Wilson picks up the tab for the party, hosts it at his home  and invites a wide variety of friends and acquaintances to make a “meaningful donation.”  Last year he raised $660,000!

Distress Centre and our ConnecTeen Program has benefited from Brett’s 2017 and 2018 Annual Garden Party fundraisers. “We know that Brett has many charities vying for his support, so we are very grateful that his family’s donation helps us save lives every day and supports youth in crisis,” states Diane Jones Konihowski, Director, Fund Development & Communications.

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