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Distress Centre Calgary has been providing 24 hour crisis support in Calgary and Southern Alberta since April 1970. Our highly trained volunteers, supported by staff, provide compassionate, accessible crisis support that enhances the health, well-being, and resiliency of individuals in distress. Together they respond to an average of 325 contacts each day ensuring that our community is always supported.

YOU can help make a difference this month by supporting a volunteer—an individual that provides mental health and crisis support to those who need and deserve it. Our community continues to struggle through the pandemic so it is important that Distress Centre is here for everyone.

Fast Facts

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We currently have 154 Phone Line, 62 Online Services, and 35 ConnecTeen volunteers. You can help us grow and put more people on the lines by supporting this campaign.

Distress Centre was started by a group of volunteers in 1970. This means volunteers have been answering the call for help for over 52 years!

Our Online Services and Phone Line volunteers commit to 192 hours in a year, while our ConnecTeen volunteers commit to 200 hours in a school year. That is the precious time our selfless volunteers give!

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93% of our surveyed volunteers say they use their volunteering skills outside of DC with their family, at school, work and in the community.

Volunteer Testimonials

How you can help


provides one crisis volunteer with a debriefing session after a difficult suicide call


covers the cost of setting up one crisis volunteer remotely


covers the cost of enhanced suicide skills and response training for 1 volunteer


provides training and mentorship for one crisis volunteer to build leadership skills in their family, community and workplace


supports monthly self-care and wellness strategies for one crisis volunteer


covers the costs of crisis support texts for 10 youth experiencing thoughts of suicide


sets up one crisis volunteer booth in the contact centre for one year


provides for the recruitment, training and support of one crisis volunteer for one year

Listen to our amazing volunteers

Hear why they continue to selflessly devote their time and skills to DC and how it has made an impact on their personal lives as well.

Support a volunteer

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Thank you for supporting our wonderful volunteers!

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