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“Super supportive, helpful, comfortable and safe.  Thank you for being such a great agency and staff.” – SORCe Client

Homeless individuals and families are not a homogenous population. Various interventions meet the needs of different groups. A system was designed and implemented by the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF), in partnership with the community, to work with homeless individuals and families and determine which intervention is the most appropriate.

The Coordinated Access and Assessment (CAA) program acts as an entry point into the CHF System of Care. The CAA Team at SORCe provides standardized service delivery for homeless individuals or families seeking housing services. The CAA Team at SORCe is operated by Distress Centre Calgary and is primarily delivered in the fixed location of SORCe, with limited capacity for mobile outreach services.

The Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre, or SORCe, is a location where people can access programs and services that address their current situation. SORCe offers information, provides an initial assessment to determine a person’s need, will offer counseling as required and facilitate referrals for individuals to a range of programs and services that responds to their unique circumstances.

To utilize SORCe and CAA please visit the SORCe office which is located on the City Hall LRT platform and is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

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